Lamplighter Magazine | Virile and the Cutting Edge as Poetry


“My first shave was not pretty,” Adam Ramos recalls in stark black and white detail like a murder scene in
a film noir. “The barber shuffled me into his chair without any sort of consultation. As he kicked the
seat back, I closed my eyes and prayed for the best. His hand was a lead brick. He did a single
pass and some damage that left a couple scars.”
Those same scars would pave the road to Virile Barber & Shop, a first-class tonsorial boutique firmly rooted in old-school Americana with a bent toward early to mid-1900s culture. It’s a sanctuary of manhood, where everyday Joes can tread in, beat-down Neanderthals scourged by society and its weekly workday system, and saunter out feeling urbane and dignified, leaving the 9-to-5 o’clock shadows behind.


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