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'There is something incredibly invigorating to the heart and mind of any man experiencing the feel of a hot towel on a freshly shaven face. The exquisite precision simply cannot be replicated by the latest Razor4Dudes™ product endorsed by the sportsman du jour. The careful attention paid by the skilled barber, hand moving swiftly yet delicately, is unparalleled.

In this world of fast cars, fast food, and fast fashion, the experience between man and barber is a coveted luxury - nay, necessity. For a man like Adam Ramos, the oft-called antiquated world of barbering is very much a modern skill. "The hardest thing would probably be finding the right barbers to represent Virile," he says in response to the difficulties he faced setting up his barbershop. Ramos' twenty-five years of age belie the history of his profession of choice. "My mother was a barber and that's kind of where I got my background from. Basically her, and just being surrounded by the industry".

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