Shave Formula

Shave Formula


For an intimately close, smooth shave that’ll make your lover linger longtime.

Barber’s Prescription:

First things first –– splash some warm water on that bristly beard of yours. Now, apply a nickel-sized dollop of our Shave Formula onto your fingertips, rub both hands together, and then massage the lather into your beard using your fingertips to push beneath the hair and onto the surface of your skin; this way, it acts as a lifting cushion and lubricator to allow the blade to slide more slyly under the follicles and cut even closer to the surface than you’d expect. Works great with a traditional shaving brush too. After you’re finished shaving, rinse your face thoroughly to remove any leftover Shave Formula –– we wouldn’t want those open pores getting all clogged up.

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Shave Formula Benefits:

Macadamia Nut Oil & Soybean Oil - Provides superior lubrication between the blade and the skin as well as rehydrates the skin.

Tea Tree Oil - Counter-irritants that soothe and relieve inflammation caused by razor burn.

Chamomile - Calming qualities, improves tissue regeneration and soothes the skin. It also has anti-bacterial properties as well, which may help facilitate healing of various infections.

Aloe - Refreshing and soothing.

Additional Guidance: Beard hair can sometimes assume the same density as copper wire. Weaken those pesky prickles with a warm shower or hot towel before you shave. If you’re prone to post-shave ingrown hairs and razor burn, rinse your face a second time with water as cold as you can handle to close your pores and reduce skin swelling caused by razor friction. Shaving with the grain is a best practice so you can leave an exit path for the beard hair to grow out of the skin; otherwise, it will become trapped inside and grow inward, and you just can’t shave ingrown hairs.