Virile Heart & Heritage


At inception of Virile Barber & Shop traditional barbering was no where near as popular as it is today. Years ago Virile was built as a sanctuary where I could submerge myself in a craft I felt passionate about. Coming from a family where barbering was in my blood it felt as though it was where I belonged. I had 6 steady clients when I had opened Virile's door and a lot of spare time. Out of a well balanced combination of boredom, curiosity, and an urge for quality goods I began making product in the shop to fill the void of time between clients. As time went by I found myself in the shop from 9 am to 11 pm making glycerin shave soaps and shave creams. None of which I had actually sold. I mostly just wanted to push the limit in an effort to create innovative and unique products along with unique fragrances. In the picture above was my chemistry area in the shop which inevitably had to be taken down in order to make room for the barbers of Virile. Since then I have worked closely with an incredible team of chemists to formulate products that met the standards of our barbers and loyal patrons. Now over 3 years later it is with much excitement and pride to announce that we have launched a line fit for barber professionals and people who have never even heard us but expect only the best in a grooming product! I know what you're thinking, "3 years?! that a long time to make a product!". No kidding. It's felt like we've been pregnant waiting for this things to pop out of us... well maybe not really but you know. We've just been overly critical of what we want to put out and equally as critical of it's presentation. It's about creating exceptional products for exceptional people. We hope you enjoy!!! :]


Adam R.